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Naked Capitalism Shot Across Bow of The Washington Post 6,238

Naked Capitalism Takes Shot Across Bow Of Washington Post

The war against “fake news” is in full swing and Naked Capitalism has fired the first shot at the mainstream media and government machines’ bow. As you recall the house quietly passed a bill to counter “Russian Propaganda” that essentially gives them the power to take down a website if they deem it to be...

MSM - Mainstream Media 6,656

Americans’ Trust in Mass Media Reach Unrecoverable Lows – Site Blocking Fuels Losses

Americans’ Trust in Mass Media Sinks To Unrecoverable Low How much would Republicans trust in mainstream media need to increase in order to match levels of trust they had last year? You might think twenty-five, seventy-five or even one-hundred percent and it wouldn’t be high enough. The answer is an astounding one-hundred-thirty percent! Americans’ trust and...

Clinton Violating Federal Law 5,391


POLITICAL ACTIVITY PAID BY AMERICANS UNITED BUT CONTROLLED BY CLINTON There is proof that political activities were coordinated and controlled by Clinton and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) that were paid for by Americans United for Change. It is illegal for a political campaign to direct activity or funds associated with Americans United for Change funds....